Next Generation NCLEX

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Nursing board is redesigning its nursing license exam to emphasize clinical judgment. The NCSBN has released a new format for the NCLEX exam, which will be available in April 2023. A new case study-based framework and 15 new question categories are included in the Next Generation NCLEX exam. The NGN explainer provides an excellent overview and visual representations of all question categories and object types. The NCLEX test for prospective registered nurses and licensed practical nurses will be replaced by the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN). If you’re a nursing student or considering becoming one, you’re curious about the new NCLEX exam.

The nursing board conducts a practice analysis every three years to identify the abilities skills and knowledge required for primary level nurses. It does this by validating the tests that directs the allocation of the licensure examination’s material. The nursing board discovered that nurses are taking care for more seriously ill patients, and that nurses are more involved in critical decision-making judgments. Clinical judgment is vital in nursing practice, according to the RN Nursing Knowledge Survey from 2017, which found that freshly licensed RNs, nursing supervisors, and nurse educators agree. This judgment evaluation is constant in all healthcare systems such as community based systems, hospitals, long-term care and other medical care systems.

Studies have shown a consistency with earlier research which demonstrates that clinical judgment is critical for primary level nurses providing secure care. As a result, the nursing board is working on an enhanced NCLEX test that asks better questions to aid critical thinking in nurses when giving care and make the best decisions possible. All of these tests will undergo revisions in 2023, according to the NCSBN. The NGN will use various item types to assess nurse’s abilities, skills and knowledge and their judgment call when performing their duty. There will be items from both old and new NCLEX exams. Adaptive computer testing will also be employed in the tests (CAT)

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